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Astronomy intrigued me as a child in the 1970’s after my parents gave me a 60mm department store refractor. While earning a B.S. Astronautical Engineering degree at the USAF Academy in the 1980’s, I took all the available astronomy courses which included using a 24″ Cassegrain. Developing plate photography was my favorite part; counting photons was my least favorite…

I went on to fly F-15C’s in Okinawa, Japan and F-16’s in Las Vegas (RED FLAG Aggressor) and the USAF later sent me to Ohio to get an M.S. Aeronautical Engineering degree which coincided with the arrival of comet Hale-Bopp in 1997. This prompted me to buy a Meade 90mm ETX. The views were so good that I returned to the hobby. Astrophotography had always impressed me, so during Test Pilot School in 1998 I purchased an 8″ Celestron FASTAR SCT & SBIG ST-237 CCD and thus became hooked. I did many upgrades ending up with a TEC FL160/7, AP900GTO, and SBIG ST-10XE spending hundreds of hours under the heavens.  I was among the first to experiment with Hydrogen-Alpha and Oxygen III dual color imaging.  After test flying the F-16C in the Mojave Desert, I went on exchange with the RAF in Wiltshire, England and test flew Tornado, Jaguar, Hawk, Alpha Jet, and a bit of Harrier. I then lived under clear New Mexico skies test flying the F-15C & AT-38B, and moved to Colorado for my final USAF assignment teaching Aero Engineering & flying cadets in the Cessna 172 & doing high density altitude flight testing of the Diamond DA40 for the USAF Academy. I retired in 2009 and became the Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado ( I am completing a Master’s of Divinity degree and also do some aerospace consulting. I sold my high-end equipment to spend more time with my family.  I’m really enjoying binovue visual astronomy and widefield imaging and the opportunity to teach a bit of astronomy to friends.

There is no conflict between the Triune God and science. He is the amazing creator of it all–gravity, electro-magnetism, thermonuclear fusion, etc. We will never fully understand His universe, but it is an amazing thing to discover more of His power.

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